Wedding Bands

Dear Leslie,
I’m getting married in a few months and my fiancée and I have begun to look at wedding bands. My fiancée suggested looking online, so I figured I’d ask here. We are looking for bands, no diamonds, no gemstones. Just gold (or platinum, etc., the main thing is that we want clean lines). What can you suggest?

Bianca in San Diego

rwx443983_b_brwx443885_b_bThere are plenty of styles to suggest, depending on whether you want a thicker or thinner band. If you prefer a thicker band, you may want to look into this two-tone gold ring, specifically designed with a comfort fit pictured to the left, an important consideration when you remember that you will be wearing your wedding ring all day, every day.

If you prefer a thinner band, there are many lovely styles to choose from as well. My personal favorite is the Tiffany style ring shown above, available in both white and yellow gold.

rwx443879_b_bThere are also many less conventional styles to choose from, such as this ring made of three interlocking bands of different colored gold. And there are plenty more wedding band styles to browse through on-line should you desire more of a selection.

rwx442832_b_bThere are plenty of options for your fiancée as well. Gone are the day’s when a man’s only choice for a wedding band was a simple gold band. Today, he can choose one that matches yours, such as the gold two-tone comfort fit wedding band, which comes in both his and hers styles, as do the Tiffany-style rings mentioned above.

There are many other exciting styles, such as this elegant gold wedding band that combines polished and brushed finishes or this eye-catching two-tone band, perfect for the new fashion conscious male. Many of these bands have feminine counterparts but it may be more fun to each choose your own style and fit.

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