Gifts That Say I Love You

Dear Leslie,
I’ve been working really hard for the past few weeks, and haven’t been home much. Through all this, my wife has been wonderful, taking on most of the responsibilities we normally share, all the while maintaining her own job and putting up with a stressed-out husband whom she rarely sees. I want to get her something to show her I appreciate all the effort she’s put in, and just to show her I love her. Any suggestions?

Rob in Livingston

rcc342916_b_bndy205697_b_bThere are lots of options for “just to say I love you” gifts, from the lovely gold and diamond heart necklace shown at right, to the stunning aquamarine and diamond white gold ring seen to the left.

Hearts are the perfect symbol for expressing love, and there are plenty of other heart designs to choose from should this particular necklace not strike your fancy. I happen to think this one is extra special, as I love the way the top heart catches the chain of that holds the bottom one, but heart designs are plentiful and you can search and find your own. I can suggest something very interesting – see this 50th wedding anniversary gifts I just found on the internet.

Rings are also a good choice, as most women wear their rings at all times, as opposed to earrings or bracelets, which many women match to specific outfits.

b20-1253a_b_bpcc365174_b_bTwo other lovely ideas are this breathtaking green amethyst pendant on a white gold chain and this great pair of diamond studs. The amethyst necklace is so unique and lovely, it shows you spent the time to pick a gift as unique as its recipient, and is sure to be received with great joy. Diamond studs are another classic item that constitute an integral part of the jewelry wardrobe, so if your wife does not yet own a pair, these earrings may be the way to go.

There are plenty of other gift options available at, should you choose to further your search.

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