Birthday Gift

Dear Leslie,
My eldest granddaughter turns 14 on March 23rd. I would like to get her a piece of jewelry for her birthday and am looking for suggestions.

Louisa in Cherry Hill

Aquamarine is the March birthstone, so a gift containing this gemstone would be most appropriate. For a 14-year-old, I would recommend something on the lighter side, such as this beautiful heart-shaped aquamarine and diamond ring.

pcc635317_b_bAnother option is this breath-taking aquamarine and diamond pendant. It’s beautiful, and it is something she can wear for years to come.

If earrings are more her style, you may want to consider this lovely pair of aquamarine studs. Studs are always in style and are classic enough to meet even a young teen’s fashion demands. This pair of earrings is especially nice, as they can easily be matched with this aquamarine pendant and chain, cut in the same style as the studs.

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