Gifts That Say I Love You

Dear Leslie,
I’ve been working really hard for the past few weeks, and haven’t been home much. Through all this, my wife has been wonderful, taking on most of the responsibilities we normally share, all the while maintaining her own job and putting up with a stressed-out husband whom she rarely sees. I want to get her something to show her I appreciate all the effort she’s put in, and just to show her I love her. Any suggestions?

Rob in Livingston

rcc342916_b_bndy205697_b_bThere are lots of options for “just to say I love you” gifts, from the lovely gold and diamond heart necklace shown at right, to the stunning aquamarine and diamond white gold ring seen to the left.

Hearts are the perfect symbol for expressing love, and there are plenty of other heart designs to choose from should this particular necklace not strike your fancy. I happen to think this one is extra special, as I love the way the top heart catches the chain of that holds the bottom one, but heart designs are plentiful and you can search and find your own. I can suggest something very interesting – see this 50th wedding anniversary gifts I just found on the internet.

Rings are also a good choice, as most women wear their rings at all times, as opposed to earrings or bracelets, which many women match to specific outfits.

b20-1253a_b_bpcc365174_b_bTwo other lovely ideas are this breathtaking green amethyst pendant on a white gold chain and this great pair of diamond studs. The amethyst necklace is so unique and lovely, it shows you spent the time to pick a gift as unique as its recipient, and is sure to be received with great joy. Diamond studs are another classic item that constitute an integral part of the jewelry wardrobe, so if your wife does not yet own a pair, these earrings may be the way to go.

There are plenty of other gift options available at, should you choose to further your search.

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Birthday Gift

Dear Leslie,
My eldest granddaughter turns 14 on March 23rd. I would like to get her a piece of jewelry for her birthday and am looking for suggestions.

Louisa in Cherry Hill

Aquamarine is the March birthstone, so a gift containing this gemstone would be most appropriate. For a 14-year-old, I would recommend something on the lighter side, such as this beautiful heart-shaped aquamarine and diamond ring.

pcc635317_b_bAnother option is this breath-taking aquamarine and diamond pendant. It’s beautiful, and it is something she can wear for years to come.

If earrings are more her style, you may want to consider this lovely pair of aquamarine studs. Studs are always in style and are classic enough to meet even a young teen’s fashion demands. This pair of earrings is especially nice, as they can easily be matched with this aquamarine pendant and chain, cut in the same style as the studs.

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St. Patrick’s Jewelry

edf705641_b_bWith St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d take the opportunity to point out some lovely pieces of Irish-themed jewelry.

PendantShamrocks have long been a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day and this lovely Russian diopside and diamond pendant sparkles with promise.

ecc715099_b_bThe luck of the Irish is sure to be with you when you wear this adorable pair of clover-shaped earrings, made of diamond and shimmery green tsavorite.

In the world of gemstones, clovers come in pink and yellow as well as green, as seen in this beautiful pink sapphire and diamond white gold ring or this gorgeous pair of white and yellow gold earrings with hanging yellow gold and diamond clovers, seen in the top right-hand corner.

This March 17th, celebrate in style with your new Irish-themed jewelry, sure to make you more enticing than even the green beer they always seem to serve at St. Paddy parties.

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Colored Diamonds

Dear Leslie,
I’ve noticed some pieces of jewelry that have colored diamonds. Can you tell me more about them? Thanks!
Carol in Savannah

Normally when we shop for a diamond, we try to find the most perfect stone that we can find and afford. That means we’re looking for the lack of color and imperfections. However diamonds naturally come in all shades, hues and colors of the rainbow. Popular colors include pinks, blues, yellows, oranges, greens, to elegant brown tones. High quality naturally colored diamonds are rare and therefore very expensive. However there is a whole world of affordable fancy color diamonds that add a unique touch to jewelry. Affordable fancy color diamonds are created by treating less desirable diamonds. You can assume that any affordable fancy color diamond has been treated in some way.

pdh206592_b_bA beautiful example of fancy color diamonds is this is 1 carat champagne and white diamond heart pendant. The heart design is dazzling in 14K polished yellow gold.

pdf206076_b_bThe feminine twist of this pendant sparkles with yellow and white diamonds. This elegant pendant in a wave design will add a modern touch to any outfit.

These 1 carat black and white diamond earrings in 14K white gold are simply sexy! Studded with deep black moonlight diamonds, they show us how dramatic fancy color diamonds can be. They will add a unique and stylish swish (not to mention a little rock and roll) to any “Friday night” outfit.

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Wedding Bands

Dear Leslie,
I’m getting married in a few months and my fiancée and I have begun to look at wedding bands. My fiancée suggested looking online, so I figured I’d ask here. We are looking for bands, no diamonds, no gemstones. Just gold (or platinum, etc., the main thing is that we want clean lines). What can you suggest?

Bianca in San Diego

rwx443983_b_brwx443885_b_bThere are plenty of styles to suggest, depending on whether you want a thicker or thinner band. If you prefer a thicker band, you may want to look into this two-tone gold ring, specifically designed with a comfort fit pictured to the left, an important consideration when you remember that you will be wearing your wedding ring all day, every day.

If you prefer a thinner band, there are many lovely styles to choose from as well. My personal favorite is the Tiffany style ring shown above, available in both white and yellow gold.

rwx443879_b_bThere are also many less conventional styles to choose from, such as this ring made of three interlocking bands of different colored gold. And there are plenty more wedding band styles to browse through on-line should you desire more of a selection.

rwx442832_b_bThere are plenty of options for your fiancée as well. Gone are the day’s when a man’s only choice for a wedding band was a simple gold band. Today, he can choose one that matches yours, such as the gold two-tone comfort fit wedding band, which comes in both his and hers styles, as do the Tiffany-style rings mentioned above.

There are many other exciting styles, such as this elegant gold wedding band that combines polished and brushed finishes or this eye-catching two-tone band, perfect for the new fashion conscious male. Many of these bands have feminine counterparts but it may be more fun to each choose your own style and fit.

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